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Understanding The Cortisol Belly Fat Connection

When you're on a mission to get flat abs, you need to make sure that you comprehend the cortisol belly fat connection. Cortisol is an essential hormone to be concerned with when you are trying to lose weight and look your very best. It is a hormone that is directly related to your stress levels and can have some very unwanted effects on your body - including upping your waist size.

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You may be doing stomach crunches the whole day, but if you don't get rid of some of the extra cortisol coursing through your system, you will continue to deal with stubborn stomach fat. The cortisol can produce high blood pressure, fatigue, headaches and a slower immune system, too. It's for this reason that you must make sure you do something about the cortisol if you want your abdominal muscles to actually be visible underneath all that abdominal fat.

Cortisol belly fat is one of the hardest to break down. It has a large source of blood and is filled with various cortisol receptors about four times more than body fat in the rest of the body. As you deal with stress during the day, these levels will increase and decrease. The more stress you deal with, the higher the cortisol levels are, which signals you body to keep onto those fatty acids and thwarting unwanted weight loss goals.

The only method to truly get rid of stubborn stomach fat is to have your body produce more adrenalin instead of cortisol to break the belly fat connection. The adrenalin signals your body to release all of those fatty acids for energy and you will increase the use of your stomach muscles.

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More stress equals more belly fat. Stress relieving exercises can be one ticket to getting rid of all of that stubborn stomach fat. Getting a good night's sleep and taking breaks throughout the day can be very important to avoid letting stress build up in your body. Make sure to take vacations throughout every season and try to incorporate meditation or just some peace and quiet into your regular work day.

There are numerous ways to break the cortisol stomach fat connection but it all involves trying to get your body to release some of the stress. With an excessive amount of cortisol coursing through your belly's receptors, you'll never be in a position to lose the weight you want and look your very best.

Decreasing the cortisol will allow all of those fatty acids to interrupt up and convert these phones energy. Whether it's employment or a personal life that's causing the stress, once you start to relieve the strain levels, you will start to see immediate and visible improvements within your body.

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